Name: Hawaii International Hotel

The hotel is located at the intersection of the prosperous Nanning Minzu Avenue and Yuanhu Road. The location is unique, facing the Metro Line 1 Macun Station.

It is close to the most beautiful park in Nanning - Nanhu Park, the most exclusive shopping venue - Dream Island, Beijing Hualian Supermarket, and the administrative center - Autonomous Region Party Committee, Nanning Municipal Government.Directly opposite the hotel is Ma Cun Chow, one of Nanning's largest fruit markets, where you can shop for a wide variety of fresh Lingnan and Southeast Asian fruits. The hotel is conveniently located about 3 minutes from the hotel to the airport bus and about 10 minutes from the international convention center and the train station.

Address: No. 81, Minzu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning City

Meeting Venue: No.1 Conference Room

Discounted Price:  298RMB /Day with breakfast ( only for ICICT Participant)

Tel for Reservation: +(86) 13877202475 Manager Pan

When you book the room , please inform Manager Pan that you are a Participant of ICICT 2019, which can  enjoy the  discounted price.

Note: January is a tourist season. If you need the Organizing Committee to make hotel reservation, please inform us one week in advance, and send the detailed information titled “Room Booking” to the Organizing Committee Email. And one night's room rate must be paid in advance as a deposit  to Organizing Committ


1. Recommended Route from Nanning East Station to the Hotel:

Subway: Walk 610 meters to Metro Line 1, get on the train at East Station, take Metro Line 1 (Shi Bu direction), take 10 stops to get to Ma Cun Station (D Exit), get off ,and walk 260 meters and arrive at hotel.

Taxi: The whole journey is about 12.7 kilometers, and the cost is about 37RMB.

2. Recommended Route from Nanning Station to the Hotel:

Subway: Walk 290 meters to Metro Line 1, get on at the train station, take Metro Line 1 (direction of East Railway Station), take the 4 stops to get to Ma Cun Station (D Exit) and walk 260 meters to the hotel.

Taxi: The whole journey is about 6.1 kilometers, and the cost is about 18 RMB.

3. Recommended Route from Nanning Wuxu International Airport to the Hotel :

Walk 120 meters to get to the N2 Wusong International Airport t2 terminal station, take the airport bus line 1, take one station, get off at the Railway Station (Civil Aviation Hotel) station, walk 200 meters to reach the subway line 1, the train station By car (direction of East Railway Station), pass 4 stops, get off at Ma Cun Station (D Exit), walk 260 meters to the hotel.

Taxi: The whole journey is about 37.8 kilometers, and the cost is about 112 RMB.


1, 南宁东站到酒店的推荐路线:

地铁:步行610米到达地铁1号线, 在火车东站上车,乘坐地铁1号线(石埠方向), 途径10站到达麻村站 (D口出)下车,步行260米到达酒店。



地铁:步行290米到达地铁1号线, 火车站上车, 乘坐地铁1号线(火车东站方向), 途径4站到达麻村站 (D口出)下车,步行260米到达酒店。

的士:全程约6.1 公里,费用18元左右.

3, 南宁吴圩国际机场到酒店的推荐路线

步行120米到达南宁吴圩国际机场t2航站楼站上车→乘坐机场巴士1号线 , 途经1站, 火车站(民航酒店)站下车 ,步行200米到达地铁1号线,火车站 上车(火车东站方向), 途经4站,麻村站 (D口出) 下车  ,步行260米到达酒店.

的士:全程约37.8 公里,费用112元左右.

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