Review Policy:

All papers undergo an initial screening for suitability by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee. Suitable papers are then sent to at least two independent referees chosen by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee. The reports from the independent referees are then considered by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee, who will make the final decision.

Additional Policies:

1. All articles contributed to ICTech-2022 must be new and not published in any journals or publications. Furthermore, the copyrights of the articles should not have been demised to any institution, organization or individual.

2. The following articles are rejected by ICTech-2022:

a) Pseudo-articles which are incompetent in reasoning and devoid of any statistics, experiments, or designs;

b) Plagiarized articles;

ICTech-2022 takes plagiarism seriously. All articles registered will be evaluated for plagiarism. Any article that fails to pass the plagiarism detection step will be sent back to the author.

c) Articles translated by translation software;

d) Articles irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.

ICTech-2022 urges all article-contributors to seriously abide by our academic integrity policy.

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